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Pharmacie des Facultés [Rating: 4.3]
Université Omar Bongo, Libreville, Gabon, Libreville, Gabon | +241 01 44 37 38 |

I couldn’t find my BP medicine as the manufacturer will be out for many months. I called my insurance, and that’s a joke, trying to get help and alternatives. My Dr. sent me here. Not only did they have my medication, but they also called my insurance and coasted through all the red tape for a 90-day pre-authorization. I was amazed at the excellent customer service and peace of mind. It’s not on my list of network pharmacies, so it cost me more but worth every penny.

My wife’s doctor would only deal with Pharmacie des Facultés. He put in a prescription on Tuesday, and we paid for it on Wednesday and were promised overnight delivery. On Thursday, we were told that overnight really meant two days. On Friday, we were told that the delivery guy was on his way. It’s Saturday. No meds, my wife has been on hold for 25 minutes, and the chat function is not available (they told me to try between 9 am and 3 pm. It’s 11:05 am). Needless to say – we will never use it again. And as long as Dr. Seemal Desai restricts his prescriptions to this pharmacy, we will not be seeing him either.

Pharmacie Sainte Marie [Rating: 4.0]
Boulevard Triomphal, Libreville, Gabon | +241 11 74 00 52 |

Best pharmacy I have found yet. Pharmacists treat everyone with respect and compassion. They remember their regulars by name and always inquire about our health, as well as the well-being of our families.

This is the busiest pharmacy I have ever been in. They are fast, efficient, excellent, personal attention, and educated. I have never had a problem with them. In addition, all of my doctors know the meds I take. A couple of times, your staff caught negative interaction between old and new prescriptions and took the time to explain and called the physicians. I have moved several times, and I refuse to switch my Pharmacie Sainte Marie.

Pharmacie Des Forestiers [Rating: 3.9]
Galerie Commerciale M’BOLO, Libreville, Gabon | +241 11 72 23 52 |

You guys need to update your online info. I called Saturday at 6:40. The info says you’re open until 9, but you can’t reach anyone. The system says, « now closed » Also, you should update your online price list. I looked up an antibiotic under « drugs by the name, » and it said it’s $4 for cash, but I was charged $11 at the pharmacy. Your website is seriously out of date and very inaccurate. For such a large company, I would expect you to make more effort to be accurate.

I had to get an emergency refill on a prescription we forgot while vacationing. The pharmacy staff was very helpful, working with me to get a smaller quantity/lower cost when insurance wouldn’t cover a refill – one of my better experiences at Pharmacie Des Forestiers.

Pharmacie Des GUEGUE [Rating: 3.9]
Route d’Ambowe, Libreville, Gabon | +241 01 44 41 36 |

Wonderful service and prompt response from the pharmacist! Raj went above and beyond to get this special medication for my son. I had been reaching out to a couple of big pharmacies to request the medications, and all I was told was there’s a backorder. Raj was able to get them for my son without me being worried that my son will live without his medication! Really thank you for his exceptional service to help to ease the situation. Highly recommend Pharmacie Des GUEGUE!

I phoned at 1:40 pm to ask a question about an order the doctors phoned in for test prep; the ounce size of the container, and the cost so I could send my son to get it on his way to work (before 2 pm). After going through the options of choosing buttons (twice because I ht the wrong one the first time), I receive a message « The pharmacy is closed, please phone back after 2 pm! Since when do ALL pharmacy people go to lunch at the same time? Rudeness is why I moved my regular medication over to a more dependable pharmacy in Mishawaka!